Who Am I

Who Am I

by Violeta Altmann

This story is about identity. Of all children, those who are adopted will find themselves asking the question early on: “who am I?” While many of their questions will never be fully answered. As a mom, I strive to whisper the truth daily to my daughter about who she is. She is beloved. Daughter. She is wonderful. She is enough.

I am. I am made in the image of God. The ingredients that form me are as pure as the most beautiful angels. In fact, Mami tells me that a long time ago, I was just a thought in God’s mind. That’s where my story begins.

I am adopted. I grew in another woman’s womb; my biological mother’s. But I also grew in Mami & Daddy’s heart. I am very special.

I am prayed for. Before I came to be, my parents prayed for a daughter. For me. They prayed that God would protect me; and He did.

I am perceptive. The other day, Mami asked me to guess who is coming for dinner. She gave me no hints so I asked, “are they coming to eat here, to play with me or to talk about adoption?” We talk about adoption and I like it. We celebrate adoption.

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