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Baratza Website

As part of our ongoing relationship with Baratza and our commitment to serviceable and informative design, we redesigned the homepage and cleaned up the majority of other pages for

This was an evolution of the existing design that we had also created for the website, but due to the nature of web technology, things need to occasionally change to meet higher standards.

The resulting website is easier for the client to update and maintain without the need to know any type of code or other programs, which is especially helpful when there are many different aspects of each product that need to be accurate and updated by different departments.

We wanted to steer away from the traditional sliding carousel image that is on most websites in favor of an engaging and immediately helpful call to action based on the website’s most trafficked areas. This along with the company’s tagline “We Grind, You Brew” draws people into the world of Baratza’s products easily and informatively.

Check out the full website here