Emperor First

By william Altmann

Over the last eighty years, the office of the President of the United States has become more and more powerful, overshadowing both Congress and the Judiciary. It’s debatable whether the Founders foresaw this. The Congress is tied up in internecine warfare and accomplishes almost nothing. The courts are stuffed with judges of dubious qualification and little objectivity. With the War Powers Act, and Executive Orders flying about left and right, it makes one wonder where the nation has staked a fence around a President’s power.

As powerful as a President can become, there comes a day when he trembles a bit at the prospect of re-election. What to do when one’s power is threatened? When one’s hubris begins to evaporate in the heat of the day, what to do?

Whatever it takes.Fortunately, the power of the press is undiminished. In fact, it has grown in both height and depth, and lost its timidity in the last eighty years. With the Internet and smart phones, facts fly around at the speed of light.

Who watches over the powerful? What secrets do they discover? Which ones do they guard to protect the state, and which ones do they divulge to protect the people? Watching, waiting, writing  all are difficult tasks. Tenacity, tact and talent — all are required. Who will do it?

Someone, we hope.