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Envoy is the first novella by Andr Moș.


Kep is a guide to people awakening from several years of lightspeed travel, who have lost everything they have left behind. Her world changes when she is tasked to guide an envoy the oldest race to leave Earth for the stars. Andr Mos has painstakingly built a history of the world since generation ships leave Earth for the first time. And the world he builds is a fascinating projection into the future. He cleverly combines history lessons and Kep's adventures dealing with a surprise envoy, surprise technology and a surprise trip back to Earth. How will the closed off people of the planet of origin react to visitors? Even if they come baring new technological gifts?

Floor Kist

I like the lengthy timeline, and how it contrasts with the Envoys tech. Also clever to rename planets and moons! Is this where humanity is going? Characters' personalities are likeably diverse. I'm looking forward to more in-depth writing and continuation of this story.

William Altmann

I loved how the author integrated design in all the layers of the novel - from the font to the plot and storyline. Envoy's "narrative solar system" is very complex and well-thought-out, with a long, ice-berg like kind of history underneath the main visible plot. The characters are very nicely constructed and they drive home many characteristics of different contemporary cultures. Also, all the sci-fi claims are backed-up by technical explanations (that are still easy to understand for non-technical persons like myself). All in all, I found Envoy to be a fascinating read!

Debora Salgau