Escape Pod

A Satirical Adventure With Four Endings

William Altmann


He’s gonna be in trouble – big trouble. The Leader gets in the back seat and is driven away. Where does he go, what does he do, who helps him? More importantly, who finds him?

This work of satire brings to the fore the ridiculous complexities of grasping for power. And it’s written with four separate plot lines, four separate endings, all diverging from about page 20. Have fun!

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about the author

It was both easy but challenging to write this book. Easy because the subject matter was convenient to satirize. Even as I wrote this, beginning in early January, events in the real world became more and more surreal, even ridiculous. This made it challenging because ‘satire’ needs to emphasize the circumstances, the personality quirks, the choices made in the plot—all to a level of exaggeration as to be seen and read as humor.