Andr Mos


Fifty years ago the Manisae claimed Earth’s red neighbor as their new home. Since then, Humanity has fostered a suspicious and fragile relationship with them. Now, Earth’s first ambassador has just passed away, survived only by his three estranged children.

Their inheritance: his memories, divided between the three of them. Will they be able to follow the hints that their father has woven into his memories to uncover the truth of his work, the lie of their neighbors, and their mother’s death a decade before?

Both Humanity and the Manisae must come to terms to understand a legacy that is larger than either civilization. 

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about the author

Exolegacy is Andr’s first full-length novel.


I love the genius of Andr Moș. He writes with such charm and wit and has created a fascinating world that pulls you in until you can’t wait to see what’s next! I highly recommend this book and I hope that Exolegacy will be made into a tv series one day.

Elena Beuca - Director of "Connectivity"