My name is Takata Fore. Fore isn’t short for anything, just Fore. My mother told me once that it was a joke my father had after… well, it doesn’t matter. I still don’t get it. Apparently, he was a golfer, and wanted me to be one as well, but that would have required him to […]

The Policy

Abraham had just finished his duties for the day. As village chief, he was responsible for settling any number of issues that might arise between neighbors. The issues could range from day to day, but there weren’t many people left in the village anymore, after most of the children had left for various cities, looking […]

Virgil’s Wave

Since an early age, Virgil had been fascinated by ghost sightings. He had read all the books, watched all the videos online, and even emailed with a few purported ghost hunters since he was old enough to type. He had been so obsessed throughout his youth that he neglected any sort of social life. It’s […]