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William Altmann

William Altmann continues blazing trails in the book world. After
introducing a President with imperial ambitions, William continues
through three more books to complete the “Emperor” series. Presidents
come and go, and some are more productive than others. One might even
consider that an empire is a good thing to have. Looking at the future,
contemplating the political process, this is William’s view.

His second series, “Mary Jane Gang”, centers on a senior citizens’
residential facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Who would have thought that
these nonagenarians would be up for adventures, but they face one
challenge after another as a team of friends. Even the pandemic
lock-down does not stop them.

William loves the outdoors and loves to read. Books surround him in his
home in Austin, Texas, like they have in previous homes around the
country. He has prowled through used book stores in at least thirty
countries, using sightseeing as an excuse to get there.

William has enjoyed a professional life as an engineer, technical writer
and historian. He has visited three continents, and can’t wait to visit
the other four!

What type of writing will come next? What genre? Stay tuned.


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