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  • Emperor Quadrilogy

    Emperor Quadrilogy

    The four-volume “Emperor” series began with a tale of the limits attempted by an ambitious emperor-as-President. The heroes in that tale continue on through three more volumes, extending across multiple presidential terms.

  • Emperor Fourth

    Emperor Fourth

    By william Altmann The President pushes to finish his huge projects before his second term runs out. Meanwhile, hurricanes cause migration, and Roger Mansfield has to manage the situation – in western Montana.

  • Emperor Third

    Emperor Third

    By william Altmann The President of the United States has grand plans. Can he stay ahead of the competition? Can he finish before his term runs out? Will he choose the right team? Which of the big problems of the day will he tackle first?

  • Emperor Second

    Emperor Second

    By william Altmann A new President, quite different from his predecessor, has made big changes in his first three years. He has many more big plans, but needs a second term to accomplish them. The people support him, but sometimes stories and media reports get in the way, and divert the public’s attention at just…

  • Emperor First

    Emperor First

    By william Altmann Over the last eighty years, the office of the President of the United States has become more and more powerful, overshadowing both Congress and the Judiciary. It’s debatable whether the Founders foresaw this. The Congress is tied up in internecine warfare and accomplishes almost nothing. The courts are stuffed with judges of…