Category: mystery

  • O’Brian


    Mary Jane Gang Book 7 By William Altmann He arrived in a bit of clatter and bang, bringing boxes and boxes of books. But he said nothing to anyone … for days. Who as this stranger, this new resident at Holyoak? He was younger and more handsome than the other residents, but what about the…

  • Louisa


    Mary Jane Gang Book 6 By William Altmann Dorry Youngman takes delivery of a gift from her kids. She has not seen Louisa in years, and has not played music on its strings in decades. Dorry’s friends at Holyoak Housing take an interest, and strive to reunite Dorry with music. And they try to do…

  • The Blossomfield Affair

    The Blossomfield Affair

    By William Altmann The pandemic has shut down the Town Clerks’ offices all over the state. But properties are still being bought and sold, and titles need to be researched. What to do when the only title histories are locked away in the Town Clerk’s office? And what mischief might happen when everything gets delayed,…

  • The Cave

    The Cave

    The Aggregate Book One By Conrad Altmann In an attempt to live up to his father’s example, a young man attempts to prove himself by striking out into unfamiliar mountains alone. Far from help, disaster strikes and he flees to the safety of a nearby cave, hoping that it isn’t already occupied.

  • Nicoleta


    Mary jane gang book 5 By william Altmann A new resident arrives at Holyoak Housing. She is in her nineties, like the members of the Mary Jane Gang. How will they welcome her? What history does she bring? Will it lead to more adventures? And then there is her unusual accent.

  • The Cemetery

    The Cemetery

    mary jane gang Book One By william Altmann The gang of adventurers faces perhaps their greatest challenge when death comes in the door at Holyoak Housing. It was inevitable, of course, with each of the members being over eighty. How will they deal with it? What mystery needs to be solved to come to grips…

  • Into The Woods

    Into The Woods

    mary jane gang book three By william Altmann A weekend away in the hills and forests of Arizona? What could go wrong?

  • Heart of Gold

    Heart of Gold

    Mary Jane Gang book 2 By william Altmann Locked in at their senior living facility, the team of friends looked forward a day out. Arrangements had been made. They would have the place all to themselves. And, yes, they came back with treasures. Some were useless knickknacks. Some lead to a mystery. This would keep…

  • The Rendezvous

    The Rendezvous

    Mary jane gang book one By william Altmann It was a wonderful senior residence facility. The weather was fine. The food was fine. Until they locked the front doors and no one could come or go anymore. The lock down was the consequence of the pandemic. It was to protect the residences, and so far…

  • Emperor First

    Emperor First

    By william Altmann Over the last eighty years, the office of the President of the United States has become more and more powerful, overshadowing both Congress and the Judiciary. It’s debatable whether the Founders foresaw this. The Congress is tied up in internecine warfare and accomplishes almost nothing. The courts are stuffed with judges of…