Chosposi the Mongwi turned to the ceramic faced attendant and requested an update. She had just woken from the Sipapu and not all of her mental processes were as sharp as they were before she had gone under nearly ten-thousand cycles ago. The mute automaton replied with a data dump into the terminal in front […]

It is a largely recognized universal law that if you are looking for a new place to live, and you find one unoccupied, it’s available. Once you narrow that down to individual species and cultures though, it tends to come with caveats. Some will require you to gain permission from local governments, or from the […]

In upstate New York, you see, it snows. A lot. And for a very long time. Especially near the Lake.

What is it about a boy, a dog and a forest?  When you put them all together, it makes the world go away.

There once was a scrap of fabric. It lay in a bin of other scraps in a small quilting shop owned by a kind old man.

Abraham had just finished his duties for the day. As village chief, he was responsible for settling any number of issues that might arise between neighbors.